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The DJI RONIN : Free yourself! Be a WARRIOR!

Posted by in on January 13, 2015 . 0 Comments.

We were taught to expect to pay exorbitant prices to get complicated gimbals to would moderately satisfy our needs. Not anymore! The efficient yet affordable Ronin has arrived to unleash our creativity.

The DJI Ronin is a 3 axis hand gimbal system designed to be used from all angles (camera up again, the side under a drone... etc.) with any type of professional camera like the 5D Mark III or the RED camera but also the lightest cameras. The DJI Ronin is controllable by an independent cameraman (i.e. RC). With its ultra-fast processors, precise sensors, powerful engines and algorithms, the DJI Ronin is simply amazing to use. It is the ultimate weapon of the professional cameraman.

Extremely Stable!

With a stabilization system on 3 axes, the DJI Ronin offers one of the best brushless stabilization solution for film and other productions that require perfect rendering. In addition, the entire system is completely reversible meaning that you are able to handle it from the top, the side or holding it at arm's length using a single handle.

No matter what position it is in, the Ronin will always stabilize, offering you unlimited shooting angles for your videos. Moreover, it is completely compatible with the DJI Lightbridge HD transmission system enabling you to wirelessly transmit your videos.

Integrated balancing: no need for extra tools.


The integrated balancing system eliminates the need of tools for settings and configurations. The adjustments on the Ronin are quick and easy. With practice, the DJI Ronin is configured and balance in less than 5 minutes. The time saved will delight professionals whose timing is precious. In addition, the integrated technology ATS (Auto Tune Stability) intelligently regulates your Ronin depending on the camera by pressing a single button.


​Suitable for multiple cameras and lenses. 

The DJI Ronin is not intended for a single type of camera. It is easy to adjust according to your camera whether it is a small 4/3 camera or one of the big guys like the Red Epic. Your gimbals compatibility issues are now resolved. The main horizontal bar is also planned to accommodate various additional modules, such as a back monitor or tablet that could be connected via Bluetooth.A distribution module is also under the mounting plate of the camera, thus greatly simplifying the power supply link video modules or adding Follow Focus for example. In addition, two 15mm diameter tubes are present to install a Follow Focus!


Advanced Technology.

DJI is the first manufacturer to use brushless motors for the film industry and aerial photography. Using their experience in creating the Zenmuse gimbals for drones, DJI integrated the same technology in the Ronin. Brushless motors are coupled with the IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) inside the Ronin to provide optimal camera stabilization.

Powerful engines and high precision control.

The motors were developed with the goal of providing a high performance. You can expect superior accuracy from the Ronin without any vibrations even at high engine torque.


High performance processor .
A 32-bit ARM processor developed by Ronin enables more efficient and faster processing of the stabilization algorithms.
This combination of brushless engines, IMU module and ARM processors is unique in the DJI Ronin and does not exist on the other systems.

Incredible Versatility.

The DJI Ronin has several modes to facilitate and to perfect your projects. Each one can be selected without changing the configurations of the Ronin.


The Ronin is up to bring the camera closer to your eyes. This mode is used for example, when shooting through the roof of a car or the top of a crowd.


This is the default mode of the DJI Ronin, the camera is in the down position can be easily directed to the ground, around the chest. This mode is used when the gimbal is used as stable a crane.


This mode comes in handy when the cameraman must pass a door or in tight spaces. The Ronin is held by one handle along the leg like a briefcase. In addition to these shooting modes. The Smoothtrack control function is a mode that enables easier smooth pan and tilt movements. It is very useful especially when the Ronin is operated by a single user.


Auto Tune Stability.

The DJI Ronin has also another attractive function which enables it to self-configure depending on the camera system. After correctly positioning and balancing your camera, you can just press the "ATS" button and the Ronin is automatically set depending on your hardware.

Remote Control.

A radio control is included with the Ronin to enable a second operator to control the pan, tilt and roll, independently of the movements of the DJI Ronin. The operator of the Ronin can concentrate on the movement of the platform while the other operator manage the movements of the camera. Furthermore, the speed of SmoothTrack and the modes operations can be adjusted using the switches on the controller.

In terms of battery life, the battery supplied in the pack (4S LiPo battery) will allow you to shoot for 4 hours.


iOS Support.

As mentioned above, it is possible to control all the Ronin settings from a smartphone, tablet or Apple iPod Touch, which will save you a lot of time during adjustments sessions.


Case closed...

Finally, the Ronin is delivered with this awesome wheeled waterproof case. This premium case will allow you to transport your system anywhere without any risk. You can store everything there, the Ronin, its radio, and all accessories.

If you want to see the Ronin in action or watch our tutorials, go to our YouTube channel at

To order the DJI Ronin call us at 1-855-YES-1UAS /1-855-937-1827 or go on our website

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