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SkyJib 8 -

Posted by in Ready to Fly on July 03, 2014 . 0 Comments.

The SkyJib-8 is THE Hollywood Heavy Lifter and by far the most popular Pro camera ship worldwide. It has assisted in the making of many blockbusters with confidence and flair. Its charismatic presence and impressive exterior match its outstanding capabilities of producing smooth sweeping shots with cameras such as the RED Epic. Plenty of time to frame your shot as it will carry your Pro camera for up to 15 minutes. 1160mm diameter – suited for fitting up to 15″ propellers, also available in ‘Retractable Landing Gear’ version – SJR.

SkyJib 8 Setup & Suggestions

SkyJib 8 Build Manual



SkyJib 8 Features


  • Advanced Vibration Dampening for clear HD footage
  • Available as Ready To Fly
  • Multiple Configurations
  • Optional Retracts
  • Pelican Custom Transport Case Available
  • Professional Class
  • Quick-Release Camera Mount
  • Quick-Release Landing Gear
  • Ti-QR
  • Transportable


Battery Mounting Crash Cage

Previously mounted onto the sides of the core, our SkyJib Ti-QR have Battery Mounting directly on the crash cage, taking them out of the way of the propellers and Retractable Landing Gear. For SkyJib Ti-QR Models.

Titanium Quick Release

Quick Release foldaway booms without compromising electronics integrity. Complete with Titanium fasteners, secure and with future Aviation Authority airworthy certification in mind.


Engine Mount Disks & Fastenings

Titanium engine mount bolts providing maximum strength for Aviation Safety Certification. Engine mount bolt fastening with captive nut slots for easy access for pre-flight safety checks.

 Retractable Landing Gear

The optional Aeronavics retracts now come with safety dis-arm/arming feature. When initially powered up the retracts are disarmed and will not operate until they have been armed by cycling the control switch. Robust, stylish and lightweight

Quick Release Retract Legs

Our Aeronavics Retracts have quick release legs for easy packdown and re-assembly.


Advanced Vibration Dampening & Quick Release Camera Mounting

Vibration dampeners isolate the camera gimbal from the main frame. The quick release camera gimbal attachment allows instant access to your camera.


SkyJib Pack Down

Specifically designed for easy pack down. This craft will be ready for travel in no time.

SkyJib Pack Down

Specifically designed for easy pack down. This craft will be ready for travel in no time.

Last update: July 03, 2014


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