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Happy New Year from IntelligentUAS !

We wish you a Healthy and Prosperous New Year ! We at IntelligentUAS promise you that this New Year will be full of exciting flight experiences. We are committed to provide you with an impeccable business and customer service. On another note, we're going to Vegas ! Vegas, Baby! IntelligentUAS will at the 2015 CES Show ! if you're around, be sure to stop at our booth (#25614) !


Last spring, DJI launched a new variant of the Phantom 2, the Phantom 2 Vision +. The ready-to-fly Vision 2 + was designed to be more maneuverable and is optimized for aerial photography. It is a quad-copter that offers many innovative possibilities compared to its predecessors.

The ability to shoot in HD, a smart GPS system and a dedicated iOS /Android app are among the new additions. However, the biggest innovation is the 3 axis gimbal and a 14 MP camera that shoots in full 1080P HD.

Ready-to-fly: Just Take off!

The Phantom 2 Vision + comes already assembled and is ready to fly. You will find in the box: the drone, its battery, its propellers plus a spare set, a Wi-Fi extender and a full HD camera mounted on its 3-axis gimbal. You only need to download the DJI Vision app on your smartphone, place the propellers, charge the battery and you can start flying your phantom! The Vision + transmits video and flight data to your smartphone via WI-Fi providing you with the First Person View (FPV) experience on your phone. The controller had a 2300 ft. range.

A minor but very useful modification on the propellers is that they are now self-tightening. Yes, that’s right, the days when you had to tediously and forcefully tighten the propellers by hand are now gone. It is also much easier to remove them, you just have to hold the motor in place and turn the propellers for them to come off. With a little practice, you can affix or remove the 4 propellers in less than 20 seconds!





Piloting the Phantom 2 Vision +.

The Phantom 2 Vision + is more maneuverable than its predecessors making it very attractive to both new and experienced pilots. What makes the Phantom 2 Vision + easier to handle especially for new pilots is the flight controller: the Naza-M. It provides the new pilot with takeoff and landing assistance, intelligent orientation control and advanced altitude stabilization. It was specifically designed to allow the Phantom to remain stable even in windy conditions (up to 25 mph speed).

The Naza-M flight controller also gives the pilot the possibility to choose between 3 different flight modes depending on its needs and flying experience.

  • The GPS mode will provide you with complete stabilization, which, in addition to managing the drift and the height of your drone, will also keep it hovering at a precise position. This is recommended for new pilots as it allows them to focus on taking smooth pictures and videos without having to worry about keeping the Phantom steady.

  • The Manual mode, usually reserved for more experienced pilot, will allow you to take full advantage of agility, maneuverability and power of DJI Phantom 2 Vision. This mode is recommended for more experienced pilots. It is akin to driving a race car with the stick shift. Now that you know what you are doing, why don’t you show me what you’ve got and flip that beast over?? (Don’t try this at home…)

  • The ATTI mode switches off the GPS and uses the barometer and compass to maintain the direction and altitude of the Phantom. The Phantom will now drift depending on the wind direction meaning that you can take advantage of the wind to pilot it, for example you can fly downwind to return to slowly return to your starting position in air, a little bit like a kite. Another neat trick is that you could use this mode to shoot a great motion video, which will give viewers the feeling that the Phantom is riding along the wind.

The Vison + also supports way-points which means that you can program your flight and sit back, relax and enjoy the view on your smart-phone or FPV goggles.



Enhanced Flight safety.

Flight safety has been enhanced on the Phantom Vision 2 + to avoid crashes and potentially dangerous situations. A visual alarm quickly warns you when the Phantom’s battery is low to avoid any mishap. In addition, the very useful RTH (return to home) function, will allow you to automatically return the Phantom to its takeoff point without you having to control it. Finally, the newly added Flysafe feature will alert you when you are approaching a restricted flight area.






The Camera.

This is by far the biggest change brought by the Phantom 2 Vision +. It is a standard 1080p HD camera mounted on a 3-axis gimbal. The Vision + is delivered with a 4GB microSD memory card which can be expanded up to 32 GB. All the camera controls and settings are done using the Vision app. To start recording a video, you simply press the record button on the screen. A slide icon on the screen allows you to control the tilt of the camera but you can also do this by moving your smart-phone to the front or the rear. The gimbal and its stabilization allow the camera to record incredibly still videos and pictures. You can take either picture in JPEG or DNG RAW format. The advantage of the RAW format is that it offers more options for image editing. You could for example make details in your pictures more apparent by tweaking the exposure levels, increase sharpness or reduce distortion.

Overall, the Phantom 2 Vision + is very maneuverable and fun to fly. Taking pictures or videos is made very easy allowing everyone to take stunning pictures. It is a hassle-free, portable and convenient solution.






To order the Phantom 2 Vision + call us at 1-855-YES-1UAS /1-855-937-1827 or go on our website

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