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Introducing the INSPIRE 1 at Intelligent UAS.

Posted by in on December 31, 2014 . 0 Comments.

Hey folks,

Christmas actually came early this year at Intelligent UAS! That's right! To reward us for being so good this year, Santa (DJI) gave us a pre-production unit of the DJI Inspire 1. We're very excited to unwrap DJI's latest aerial technology.

Inspire 1 futuristic look: Transforming Design.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Inspire 1 is its looks, straight out of a sci-fi movie. A few of us at Intelligent UAS think that it resembles the USS Starship Enterprise from the original Star Trek series or the head of a battle droid from Star Wars. One thing is sure, it's definitely has a futuristic look which announces a radical design change from the phantom series.

With a white refined fuselage mounted on a carbon fiber chassis, the Inspire 1 was specifically designed to be powerful and lightweight while providing excellent flight stability. The propellers are located at the four corners of the quadcopter, as usual, but they are now attached to the body of the Inspire by two articulated mounted arms.


The biggest design innovation is the introduction of the aerodynamic Transforming Design in the Inspire's structure. The carbon arms transform in air and move out of the way giving the camera a full 360⁰ unobstructed view. This innovation greatly expands your creative options when it comes to aerial photography and video.


Unleashing the power of 4K.

In addition to the 360⁰ view, DJI went further and added a revolutionary and proprietary 4K camera to the Inspire 1. DJI's most advanced camera to date delivers the magic of 4K to users allowing them to take 12 MP pictures and shoot videos in 4K (encoded Adobe RAW !) at 24-30 fps.

The detachable camera is stabilized by a Zenmuse X3, 3 axis brushless gimbal. The lens is a wide angle 20 mm (with an angle of 94 °) with 9 elements, including an aspherical lens, an anti-distortion filter and a UV filter. It is designed to limit lens distortion and enable visibility in low luminosity conditions.


Lightbridge? Never mind! All included in the controller.

Now that you can shoot in 4K, you definitely want to have an FPV system that allows you to take full advantage of your camera capabilities. That is where the Inspire 1 controller comes into play. Get ready for your jaw to drop…………. The controller come with a built-in Lightbridge system!

With the Lightbridge integration, you can now easily live stream in full HD to your tablet or smart-phone via the port in the back of the controller. The controller also allows you to control the camera to take pictures and video. A few other exciting features on the controller are the wheels in the back that can be used to pan and tilt, take-off /landing buttons, a quick record button and dual antennas. You can also add a second controller for an operator to control the camera while the pilot focuses on flying the Inspire 1. Your creative possibilities are now fully unlimited!

Flying made easy.

Another impressive feature of the Inspire 1, is the Vision Positioning System (VPS) that allows it to fly safely inside a building, or in an area where satellite reception is poor. This stereoscopic optical system (a camera and two ultrasound systems) is used to stabilize the Inspire 1 without using GPS. By using the information provided by the sensors of the VPS, the Inspire compensates and corrects its position.

“The Inspire 1 was built with the professional and hobbyist in mind, combining portability and price in a package that rivals bigger copters.” Doug B, IntelligentUAS Tech.

The Dynamic Home Point function is also included in the flight control system making it extremely easy to control the Inspire 1 from a moving ground point. Flight telemetry including automatic takeoff and landing are accessible by simply tapping the mobile app icon on your device.

Powerful yet light!

The Inspire 1 can fly up to an altitude of 2.8 miles at a speed of 50 mph in horizontal displacement making it extremely fast. This is a huge step-up from the Phantom series. Despite these impressive speed stats, the Inspire still remain very maneuverable as it was designed to be flexible, powerful, ensuring stability even in bad weather (i.e 30 mph wind) .

It is also lightweight and compact allowing you to easily transport it.

Overall, we think that the Inspire 1 is definitely the best creation of DJI so far and it’s a game changer in the drone world.

IntelligentUAS has started taking pre-orders for the Inspire 1 and the spots are filling fast! If you want to be one of the first to get your hands on the Inspire 1, don't wait!

Call us at 1-855-937-1827 or contact us on our website, If you pre-order now, we’ll offer you a free complimentary case to sweeten the deal!

PS: We’re expecting to start shipping (at our newly discounted shipped rates!) the Inspire1 by mid-January.

The IntelligentUAS team would like to thank you for your business and wish you Happy Holidays!

(center : Joe, our Head Tech, holding the Inspire 1)

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