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Flying Controllers For Multi-Rotor

Posted by in Flying Controllers For Multi-Rotor on June 16, 2014 .

IMU - High sensitive built-in damper IMU module


- High gain antenna

- High precision satellite receiver


- Voltage detection and alarming

- An extendable CAN BUS port


- Equipped with an LED Bluetooth indicator(LED-BT-I) adjusting parameters is more convenient than ever

- Internet connection to your smartphone will still be available when one is adjusting parameters via LED-BT-I module

  Our Most Advanced Multirotor Stabilization Controller Ensures Total Ease Of Flight, Reliability And Stability In Any Situation.

  Total Solution For Aerial Photography


Posted by in Flying Controllers For Multi-Rotor on June 13, 2014 .

WooKong-M Features

- Multi-Rotor Stabilization Controller
- 9 Types Of Multi-Rotors And A Customized Motor Mixer
- Built-In Gimbal Stabilization Function
- Support iPad Ground Control Station (GCS)
- New Assistant Software for Smartphone
- Supporting Futaba S-bus receiver
- Power Monitoring Unit
- Built-in Damper
- Precise Position and Altitude hold
- High Accuracy and Driving Handfeel

Multi-Rotor Stabilization Controller
DJI Wookong Multi-Rotor stabilization controller is a complete flight system for all multi-rotor platforms for commercial and industrial AP applications. Unlike others, WooKong allows the use of regular...