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DJI New Release: A2 GPS PRO Plus MODULE

Posted by in on January 15, 2015 . 0 Comments.

A  new GPS module for the A2 flight control system was released by DJI. It is a huge improvement compared to the older A2 GPS PRO. 

The main improvements on the A2 GPS Pro module are related to hardware and software upgrades.


On the hardware side, the following improvement were made:


  • Better anti-interference, satellite acquisition and positioning accuracy all controlled by a new generation chipset .

  • Less interferences due to improved filtering.

  • Higher sensitivity and increased data acquisition abilities.


On the software side,



  • The  iPad ground station app and the assistant software are now more visually intuitive with a new GPS health and fluctuation monitoring system (SNR Index) . You can assess your GPS signal strength and possible interferences in any area before taking off.

  • The SNR Health Index  indicates your GPS signal strength. The higher the number is, the stronger your GPS reception is. DJI highly advise customers to  only fly when your SNR Health Index value is higher than 35 to avoid crashes and hazardous situations.

  • The SNR Fluctuation Index indicates how stable your GPS signal . The stability of your signal depends on various factors such as flight environment, weather conditions, airc interferences etc… . The smaller the fluctuation index value is, the more stable your signal is.


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