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FLIR Tau VPC Module

FLIR Tau VPC Module
FLIR Tau VPC Module FLIR Tau VPC Module
Brand: FLIR
Product Code: TauVPC
Reward Points: 180
Availability: Arrives in 10 - 30 days (65 already sold)
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FLIR Thermal cameras terms and conditions:  

If you are located outside of the United States of America and Canada, an end user statement on company letterhead, signed by an officer of your company must accompany an order. For 30Hz cameras an Export License is required and will take approximately 60-90 days ARO. In cases where 9Hz cameras are quoted and purchased outside the United States of America and Canada, an end user statement is also required but may not need an Export License. End user statements must include the following statement:

1) These commodities are for commercial use only.
2) They will NOT be used in the design, development, production or use of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons or missiles.
Your order may be declined and refunded if we cannot verify the end-user statements.
 Tau 640 full frame rate cameras (30/60Hz) are export controlled by the US Department of State and hold ITAR status.  Only U.S.A. citizens can operate and own these products.  License approval takes 90-120 days for reply from the US Department of State.

The Tau VPC Module is an interface for the camera to provide power and obtain video. It also facilitates serial communication for camera command and control.

FLIR Tau VPC Module

The Tau Camera can be used with either the VPC Module Accessory (FLIR PN 421-0039-00) or the Camera Link Module Accessory (FLIR PN 421-0046-00). These accessories provide an easy way to evaluate the camera core and access analog and, in the case of the Camera Link Module, digital video during development.

The VPC module accessory includes USB-A to USB-mini B cable for power and communications, USB power supply, European power adapter, MCX-to-BNC cable for analog video, and mounting screws.

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