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ALware GP2D CNC Two Axis Brushless Gimbal (Pre-assembled)

ALware GP2D CNC Two Axis Brushless Gimbal (Pre-assembled)
ALware GP2D CNC Two Axis Brushless Gimbal (Pre-assembled) ALware GP2D CNC Two Axis Brushless Gimbal (Pre-assembled) ALware GP2D CNC Two Axis Brushless Gimbal (Pre-assembled) ALware GP2D CNC Two Axis Brushless Gimbal (Pre-assembled) ALware GP2D CNC Two Axis Brushless Gimbal (Pre-assembled)
Brand: Alware RC
Product Code: GP2D-CNC
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The Brushless Gimbal is a new generation platform designed for professional aerial photography. ALware GP2D CNC Two Axis Brushless Gimbal has a strengthened and rigid structure which is made of 3K carbon frames as well as CNC metal parts. It has a clean wiring structure design and comes with 99% pre-assembled and pre-programmed (suitable for Gopro1/2/3 or similar size Cameras) with Simple Brushless Gimbal Controller by using Alexmos GUI which is the most user friendly interface in the current brushless gimbal society. This is so important if you want to adjust the gimbal yourselves for other cameras.

As same as GP-35/ 45 Brushless Gimbal, GP2D is driven directly with two Brushless Motors for two axis movement roll and tilt without gears or belts. The main advantages of this design compared to traditional actuators (servos) are the Brushless Gimbals have no backlash in the gear or belt, and it provides the instantaneous response to the disturbance. Due to lack of gears/ belts, this new Brushless Gimbal is extremely easy to install and with low weight which is perfect for aerial activities. The lower the weight, the longer the flying time.

GP2D is suitable for DJI Phantom Quadcopter and DJI F450/ F550(with DJI F450 F550 Landing Gear Upgrade Set (not included)) easily. This is suitable for both beginners as well as professionals with DJI's multicopters. The Roll axis of the gimbal is adjustable to fit Gopro 1/2/3 or similar cameras with better CG to have stable video and performance.

The design of GP2D accept standard AV Output cable(not included) to be connected with Gopro cameras on the stand frame as to transmit the video signal down to the ground by using an FPV system(not included). So that you will see what you are exactly recording in real time.

-Direct drive of Brushless Motors for both Roll and Tilt axis.
-Suitable for Phantom Quadcopters and DJI F450/ 550, Tarot 650 690S, Walkera X350, CX-20 Multicopters.
-Simple and strong Mechanism Design.
-Made of CNC Metal Parts and 3K Carbon Frames which is super light and strong.
-With clean wiring structure design, which provides a wider mechanic rotation in the Tilt axis and smoothest movement in both two axises!
-Comes with the Simple Brushless Gimbal Controller (Pre-programmed) and 3-Axis IMU Sensor.
-Workable with Alexmos GUI which is the more user friendly interface for tuning and setting if necessary.
-Well tested and PID parameter tuned by the factory for GoPro 2/3 cameras.
-Very easy to install and use.
-Compact, light and valuable.

-Movement: 2-axis, Roll and Tilt
-Roll control: ±40°
-Tilt control: ±90°
-Working Voltage: 3S 11.1V Lipo (default)
-Brushless Gimbal Controller Weight: 13.4g
-IMU Weight: 2.6g
-Brushless Gimbal Motor Weight: 48g /Pcs
-Gimbal Weight (without Gopro): ~230g

1x ALware GP2D CNC Two Axis Brushless Gimbal (Preassembled)
1x New Simple Brushless Gimbal Controller(Pre-programmed) with 90 Degree Tilting Setting
1x 3-Axis IMU Unit
4x Rubber Tension Damper Balls
1x Tilt Controlling Cable
1x JST Power Cable
1x Mount screw pack
(Please be noted that Gopro, Phantom/ F450/ F550 and Battery are not included.)


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